Exploded axonometric digram showing Energy Harvesting and Power Distribution system of SOFT HOUSE.


The SOFT HOUSE project won the IBA (International Building Exhibition) competition and will be constructed in 2013 in Hamburg, Germany. The SOFT HOUSE explores how domestic infrastructure can become supple—engaging low carbon soft wood construction, flexible live/work scenarios, a responsive energy harvesting textile cladding, smart building software and a set of mobile curtains which distribute solid state lighting and low voltage power.

Floor Plans 1-3. Site plan showing Wilhelmsburg on the Elbe River in Hamburg.


Varied configurations of Smart Curtain accounts for thermal comfort, spatial division, and ambient lighting.


Exterior Curtains are real-time adjusted by the user for Thermal and Visual Comfort. A dynamic range of configurations are possible using smart building system.


Building cross-sections show positions of Soft Infrastructure (curtains & facade) as they respond to outdoor conditions.

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