François Roche

François Roche

Guest Research professor in master class at Columbia-Gsapp / New-York
President of the laboratory of research / New-territories / Paris

Co-founder and Principal of R&Sie(n) / Studio of architectural practices / Paris

François Roche is the principal of R&Sie(n) based on Paris. It was founded in 1989 by François Roche (1961, Paris) and Stéphanie Lavaux (1966, the French island Réunion). Their architectural work seeks to articulate the real and/or fictional, the geographic situations and narrative structures that can transform them.

His works through R&Sie(n) is organized on three sets of themes : Research as Speculation, Fiction as Practice, and Practice as Lifespan (H&N)

Here and Now

An architecture which expresses the action to produce in real-time, and that this moment indicates the fragile moment which negotiates with the arrow of time, with the transitory one or what seems the being in order to give an account of the strategies of interventions like as much of negotiation with the constraints and the economies.

Here and tomorrow (fiction  / from Latin fictio as “a making to form, mold, shape...”)

An architecture which expresses the action to produce in differed and altered time. Simultaneously operative and fictional, it tries to re-scenarize the relation with a situation, an environment, an industrial innovation like a capable fiction to become a vector of reality, a principle of capable expertise of transforming this same reality.

Elsewhere and simultaneously (speculation)

An architecture which expresses the action to produce in a speculative time, and which works out devices between robotics, mathematics, neurobiology and biochemistry, in order to take the risk of a critical, political and esthetic emission. The investigation of the new technological tools opens lines of thoughts which nourish and nourish the imaginary ones. R&Sie (n) tries through manifest exposures to give an account of the field of these possible, but also of their projection and uncertainties, mishearings and misunderstandings… and through academic Lab(s) research and teaching called (n)certainties at Gsapp/Angewandte/USC…

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