Aquaculture Seascape Park

Aquaculture Seascape re-envisions a new, inclusive culture of aquatic food production. An experimental production park typology is generated through a synthesis of function (food production, data collection, environmental monitoring and restoration, the public park system) and process-based design. Tidal pool nurseries and polyculture production gardens are designed to delight the public. They also provide the space for commercial research to develop healthy, economically viable food production. The park’s mobile infrastructure sets up the conditions for detailed mapping of oceanic territory. This new kind of public space acts as an interface to mediate the sometimes complementary, but often conflicting points of view among private industry, public interest groups, community members, researchers, tourism, and government in relation to aquatic food production.


Moira Wilson is a Toronto-based designer interested in green infrastructure projects and process-based design. She holds a Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Toronto.

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