Globalgaelisation is a consideration on the delicate balance of a social organization based on the exploitation of a sole resource.

Algae could be an extraordinary source of energy which could satisfy multiple needs: alimentation, gas and electricity production, thermoplastic and textile manufacturing.
The multiple functionalities of this resource allow us to easily transfer all the mechanisms of our contemporary society, entirely based on oil, towards an all-algae future.

Could the intelligence of these organisms, which make photosynthesis and the ozone layer possible, sustain on its own such a vast complexity and mass consumption?
And what if it was precisely today's main advantage offered by algae- its capacity of creating energy and oxygen from Carbon dioxide- that would create a new unbalance in the ecosystem? 
Will there be a day when we need to artificially re-inject carbon dioxide in our atmosphere?

atelier eem [iim] is a multidisciplinary office based in Paris, founded by Estelle Nicod (Switzerland, 1978), Francesca Liggieri (Italy, 1979) and Marc Blume (Germany, 1976).

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