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Anticipatory Architecture: Reyner Banham and Technological Futurism in Postwar and Contempoary Desig

The instrumental and aesthetic implications of architecture’s engagement with science and technology has a long history, part of which includes the period following the Second World War when the rapid technological advances of the Industrial Revolution merged with a general cultural mindset characterized by themes of progress and futurism. Given the significant technological advancements of the last twenty years, the postwar period provides a useful and poignant lens through which to take stock of our own technological climate. This paper examines the postwar period as a means of addressing issues related to contemporary design and 21st Century technological advancement.
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  • apanatimayega

    apanatimayega ·  Mar 27, 19 5:08 am

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  • cicelyleakey

    cicelyleakey ·  Sep 10, 19 6:06 am

    Tonight, the moonlight hides in the clouds, a wisp of inclined wind, quietly telling the past events on the front edge. The pearl chain of memories has broken into a tangle like a dream of water, deep and shallow. The two or three Erting have been on the pedestal of memories of enchantment. The cold smoke on the street, who is tame for who, who is cool for who? That line of languid nostalgia, floating in the moonlight shore, ripple up how many sleepless feelings?
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