Close up from the illuminated landscape of the Frioul islands in Marseilles on the LED lighting device (the "opening") which "teleports" the endless day of the arctic summer. The combination of the remote polar daylight and the Mediterranean landscape generates a new territory: Arctic Mediterranean.

Arctic Opening

With Arctic Opening, an outside architectural installation led as an expedition on the Frioul islands of Marseilles (France), fabric | ch proposes to create an "opening" at a large scale, to another day: an artificial and sensitive daylight, revealing some geographical patterns, luminous and meteorological, around the Arctic and across the globe. Fed by monitored light coming from these polar regions, where in summertime, the horizontal light of the sun never sets, where sunrise and sunset mix, Arctic Opening reproduces the continuous modulation of the northern summer into the south of France. The combination of north light and south landscape produces a creolized territory: Arctic Mediterranean, remote nocturnal day.

Arctic Opening's expedition tent, flag, computers and screens at night under the remote summer polar daylight.


Arctic Mediterranean, creolized territories and remote polar nocturnal day on the Frioul islands in Marseilles.


Expedition tent and mission logo on its lower left. Day time.


Interface 1, actual climatic situation on the Frioul islands. 8.20 pm: 1 hour, 5 minutes and 44 seconds until the next sunset in Marseilles.


Interface 2, satellite view on the North pole: real time monitoring of the Arctic illumination conditions that will be transmitted to the LED lighting "opening".


After sunset, far view.


At night on the Islands, far view of a cloudy daylight.


Arctic Opening's access with the shores of Marseilles and Notre-Dame de la Garde in the far background.


Close up from the illuminated landscape.


Creolized atmosphere 1.


Creolized atmosphere 2, Mediterranean vegetation at night under remote arctic daylight.

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