Estuary Services Pipeline Routing

ESP // Estuary Services Pipeline

The Estuary Services Pipeline is a regional utility infrastructure designed to cope, adapt, respond, and leverage the changes presented by sea level rise in the 170 miles of coastline in San Francisco Bay Estuary. The materials of the bay coastal landscapes and aquatic systems - liquids, sediments, organic materials - are inherently fluid, mushy, and soft. They are plentiful, but awkward and expensive to transport. This utility pipeline will provide a reconfigurable conduit for soft material transport and placement as a means to incrementally remake the bay edge, its economics, ecologies, and maintenance systems through the thrust of sea level rise.

Pipeline Services


Pipeline Services


Pipeline service exchanges and economics


service pontoons and configurations


timescale of coastal defense, industry, and


Pipeline Services Maintenance Crew


waterfront proxy flotilla of pontoons

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  • charlessorensen

    charlessorensen ·  Sep 18, 19 5:03 am

    The Estuary Services Pipeline is a territorial utility framework intended to adapt, adjust, react, and influence the progressions exhibited via ocean level ascent in the 170 miles of coastline in the San Francisco Bay estuary. This century ocean levels are anticipated to ascend as much as 55" because of worldwide environmental change. This epic fiasco will unfurl gradually and compromises our most beneficial economies, frameworks, societies, and beachfront ecologies.
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  • СлаваЧернов

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  • kirstyhughes

    kirstyhughes ·  Mar 27, 20 7:39 am

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