In order to supply the needs of the landowner (a funny, strictly vegetarian, environmentally engaged young lady)  this house is located in a highly protected regional park area in the middle of the italian east coast, in the heart of the charming Mediterranean maquis. The project deals with the sustainable developpement in housing, not just using techno-ecological solutions and renewable energies but suggesting a radical different way of living: minimizing consumption and wastes but first and foremost developing a self production cycle in a sort of self sufficiency. The main condition for that is a mature relationship of symbiosis and exchange with nature. Multi-storey balcony rings would optimize cultivation’s control concerning earth, water, insulation and wind, just like a greenhouse. The columns and other structural element could act as shelters, housing small mammals and also several species of birds living in the area, as well as the park shelter the house. That’s how architecture becomes something more than construction and get being like a contemporary Noah’s ark, an organism exchanging and growing with nature.


CTRLZ Architectures is a collective founded in Paris, formed by two [not so] very confused architects, Francesco Cingolani and Massimo Lombardi.

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